Sunshine & Clouds: Haiku

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

Rays of light blind me

The sun in my mirror and eyes

Brightness rises behind


I squint in the glare

Tears drying up on my cheeks

Look – it is morning


Last night it felt bleak

As if dawn would never come

And yet the clouds broke.


Now I am awake

Troubles lift away on clouds

Sunshine renews me.


Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry





My heart is so heavy with sadness

I cannot bear the weight any longer

It is a mantle around my neck

The chains an anchor

Yet I am unmoored

Drifting, listless, no port or inlet

To accept my berth

The sorrow is drowning me

Pulling me beneath the tide

Kelp grips my ankles as my lungs

Strain with the effort

To BREATHE and be free of the depths

To release the pressure and turn the valve

A rush of air escaping as I inhale

Red at the edges of my vision

The blue mixed with blues

Eyes open I yearn for the sunlight

It ripples across my vision

So close yet refracted by the currents

Broken and confusing, the light

A puzzle of unjoined fragments

My hands reach up and pull at the chains

But they lie, they lie at the bottom

The chains go inside

To where my heart is

And there is no removing this weight

The weeping that created this sea

Adrift, I wait for rescue

Sinking, I long for air

Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry

A sun is born

This boy begins to become a man

His face so long, his voice so deep

His mind expands, reaching farther

Than the stars but still contained within

An element of a boy remains

I see in his ever narrowing face

The chubby cheeks, the dark eyes

That blinked at me for the first time

The moment we met, mother and child

From the water inside where tide is a heartbeat

The darkness home to a growing sun

The universe gave me an unopened gift

A lifelong exploration of a soul

In anger and joy and grief and love

As the stars wheeled by in their celestial orbits

And a new universe revealed itself
Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry

Daily Prompt: Vice

via Daily Prompt: Vice

Pain is an addiction

I return again and again

The wrong words, the wrong man

The wrong me

Yet I repeat these mistakes

As if for the first time every time

What is it that attracts me

To tears, and breaking, and making up?

The thrill of taking you down

Reducing you to my size

Higher than high when I get to be right

Standing over you

Self-righteousness in my hand

Shooting into my veins

Sustaining me before the lows come

Heartache is my vice.
Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry


Sometimes my biggest fear is

That I will never be remembered

I will go through life

Completely unnoticed

And pass to the other side

Entirely unmissed

Sometimes my truest truth is

That I am not worth anyone’s love

I cannot make it right

No matter what I do

Because it is not in me to do it

They don’t respond to me that way

And no one really cares anyway

Who am I to be cared about?

What have I done to deserve anyone’s attention?

I reach for the sky

Like branches shoot forth from the beam

Look at me! Look at me!

No one turns around

No one hears.

What do I lack? That I cannot


It lasts but a fleeting moment

And then it is gone

And I’m left searching again

Can you wear your broken heart

On your sleeve?

Is it a medal, or a talisman?

A scar, a wound, a badge of pride?

A deficit that won’t be overcome?

Is it a lesson driven deep

Beneath your skin

And sweated out every time you rush forward

Your heart speeds up

In anticipation

And falls down in


The break was not mended

The happiness awoke

For but a moment

And then went back to dreaming

While the heartbreak carried on

Awake, alive and well.

You did this

You ruined every good thing

You ever had

And now you ruin the next thing

And the next

And still reach for the stars

Though they wink away

As they fall to earth

The dreams unmade

And the hopes unrealized

“this is not for you” they say

You don’t get to come up here

You can only watch and wonder


It was never your turn


You struck the atmosphere

And fell back down


You can feel the sharp cold air

As you rise

But cannot wrap yourself in the warmth

As you fall

Why don’t you get to be one of them?

The lucky ones

The loved ones

Those remembered?

Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry


We looked at each other and laughed

I don’t even know what was funny

For a minute I forgot

That I am supposed to hate you now

That you are not mine anymore

That if I smile at you, you win

For just a second time fell away

And I remembered

Why it ever worked in the first place

I remembered

Why I let so many things go

Until it was all gone

And there wasn’t anything left

To let go of

I knew you felt it too

That brief smile memory

That came out of nowhere

And went back into nowhere

Just as quickly as it had come

So we could go back

Take up our positions

And finish the business

Of winning once more.

Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry

Little Death

Creased and stained


Bleached and drained

Shallow thoughts

Selfish, giving

Lonely heart

Needing, wanting

Worlds apart

Wash it clean

Muck it up

Wring it out

Fill my cup

Inside outside


Moaning screaming

Out of reach

Pulling hair

Clenching toes

Kissing lips


Desperate clinging

Pushing back

Space and silence

Out of whack

Rolling over

Sighing breath

Back to quiet

Little death

Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry