My heart is so heavy with sadness

I cannot bear the weight any longer

It is a mantle around my neck

The chains an anchor

Yet I am unmoored

Drifting, listless, no port or inlet

To accept my berth

The sorrow is drowning me

Pulling me beneath the tide

Kelp grips my ankles as my lungs

Strain with the effort

To BREATHE and be free of the depths

To release the pressure and turn the valve

A rush of air escaping as I inhale

Red at the edges of my vision

The blue mixed with blues

Eyes open I yearn for the sunlight

It ripples across my vision

So close yet refracted by the currents

Broken and confusing, the light

A puzzle of unjoined fragments

My hands reach up and pull at the chains

But they lie, they lie at the bottom

The chains go inside

To where my heart is

And there is no removing this weight

The weeping that created this sea

Adrift, I wait for rescue

Sinking, I long for air

Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry

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