Aching every day for my life to have meaning

Lost and longing

Always dissatisfied…

Why aren’t you ever happy?

What can I do to please you?

Why do you ask when you already know the answer?

And you won’t change anyway

So what does it matter.

Cowardice rules each waking moment

Unable to move forward and

Unwilling to let go of the past

My mother taught me resentment

My father taught me to just take it

Nothing will ever be enough

In your eyes or in mine.

Is being alone better? Or just the easy

Escape from this ailment?

Is staying put worth it? Or another© 

Punishment to heap on my soul.

Is joy real? I don’t know that I have ever

Felt true happiness or giddy

Release from the grind of life. Perhaps

Some are born with it, the innate

Knowledge of how to tap in

To find the center and really be at peace.

It’s a secret and no one ever told me how

To find the truth.

I wish I knew the way.

Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry

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