We looked at each other and laughed
I don’t even know what was funny
For a minute I forgot
That I am supposed to hate you now
That you are not mine anymore
That if I smile at you, you win
For just a second time fell away
And I remembered
Why it ever worked in the first place
I remembered
Why I let so many things go
Until it was all gone
And there wasn’t anything left
To let go of
I knew you felt it too
That brief smile memory
That came out of nowhere
And went back into nowhere
Just as quickly as it had come
So we could go back
Take up our positions
And finish the business
Of winning once more.


Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry

Little Death

Creased and stained
Bleached and drained
Shallow thoughts
Selfish, giving
Lonely heart
Needing, wanting
Worlds apart
Wash it clean
Muck it up
Wring it out
Fill my cup
Inside outside
Moaning screaming
Out of reach
Pulling hair
Clenching toes
Kissing lips
Desperate clinging
Pushing back
Space and silence
Out of whack
Rolling over
Sighing breath
Back to quiet
Little death


Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry


Aching every day for my life to have meaning
Lost and longing
Always dissatisfied…
Why aren’t you ever happy?
What can I do to please you?
Why do you ask when you already know the answer?
And you won’t change anyway
So what does it matter.
Cowardice rules each waking moment
Unable to move forward and
Unwilling to let go of the past
My mother taught me resentment
My father taught me to just take it
Nothing will ever be enough
In your eyes or in mine.
Is being alone better? Or just the easy
Escape from this ailment?
Is staying put worth it? Or another© 
Punishment to heap on my soul.
Is joy real? I don’t know that I have ever
Felt true happiness or giddy
Release from the grind of life. Perhaps
Some are born with it, the innate
Knowledge of how to tap in
To find the center and really be at peace.
It’s a secret and no one ever told me how
To find the truth.
I wish I knew the way.


Copyright © 2016 by dbpoetry

Poetry in Motion

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